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Welcome to the home of Dascool & Maxcool Australia's first after-market engine coolants since 1986

Concentrated formula DASCOOL® and MAXCOOL® with Dasantin X88 Technology.

Trusted by vehicle manufacturers and protecting for over 32 years engine cooling systems in Australia.

The most used and approved OE engine coolants in the Australian automotive market.

® MAXCOOL® have been endorsed by OE manufacturers such as Holden, Hyundai, Hino, Isuzu, Hitachi and many more...

For over 32 years protecting engine cooling systems in Australia.

® and MAXCOOL® are available now in the new DASENIVRO DASNOTOXIC formula which are blended with Propylene Glycol USP/JP/EP grade and makes them the safest coolant for pets, humans and the environment while it helps you defeat engine failure.

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Maxcool with Dasantin® D88® a premixed formula ready to use engine coolant..